Razmiran – Theocracy of the Living God

Razmiran at a glance:
  • Alignment: LE
  • Capital: Thronestep (17,340)
  • Notable Settlements: Xer (9,200)
  • Ruler: Razmir, the Living God, Lord of the 31 Steps
  • Government: Theocratic Dictatorship with Razmir at its head, supported by a council of Visions
  • Languages: Common, Hallit
  • Religion: Razmir (false god)

The northeastern shores of Lake Encarthan have always been a turbulent place. For centuries, this land was part of the unruly River Kingdoms, changing hands dozens of times from one burgeoning prince to the next. All of that changed 47 years ago, when the living god Razmir came to the shores and claimed his dominion. He appeared first before the people of Xer, then part of the Arch-Duchy of Melcat, and told them of his power. Razmir claimed to have taken the Test of the Starstone in far-away Absalom, and through this test he claimed to attain divinity. Using his arcane powers, Razmir set about gathering a flock by ousting the local magistrate and the Trades Guild — a front for thieves and extortionists. Those who came to worship him, however, knew nothing of the truth: Razmir expelled the magistrate by murdering him and disbanded the Trades Guild by incorporating all of its members into his faith. Razmir’s biggest lie, however, is hidden from even his most trusted followers: Razmir is not a god. Although powerful, he is little more than a man and his mortality grows closer every day.

In the months following his takeover of Xer, Razmir’s faith began to spread across the Arch-Duchy, until eventually it led to the capital of Aerduin, on the border of the Vergan Forest. The forces of Melcat refused to bend a knee to Razmir’s faith , and on 17 Erastus, Razmir himself came to the city. He made three requests of fealty to Duke Melcat, and each one was refused. That night, a terrible cloud of fire and smoke descended upon the city, and screams echoed through the night. In the morning, the entire city was reduced to ash and Razmir’s takeover was complete. In the years since, Razmiran, as the theocracy came to be called, has expanded its borders five times at the expense of various River Kingdoms and Ustalav.

Today, Razmiran is a society governed by force and intimidation. The faith’s ruthless priests control every facet of the state and economy from behind iron masks (an imitation of their god). While the common-folk toil at their fields or trade, the faithful take a portion of their work known as the Tithing Step. The clergy, meanwhile, enjoys a life of comfort, with their station in the faith granting them a great deal of power and wealth. Those who dare to defy the faith face severe punishment — imprisonment, exile, or even execution. This leads many to join the faith as a path of prosperity, regardless of their belief. Such acolytes are sent to the Exalted Wood for training and come back changed, acting in league with the faith despite any previous misgivings.

*Government *

A council of high-ranking priests known as the Visions handles the actual governance of Razmiran. The goldmasked priests carry out Razmir’s erratic mandates, each in a unique way. While some Visions are gifted sorcerers, others are skilled at martial combat and others still use honeyed words and bribes to accomplish their goals. Since they are all identically attired, most obey Visions without question, for fear of angering one of the more cruel members. Razmir himself holds council with his Visions from atop a 31-stepped throne, in reference to the steps he supposedly took to achieve divinity. From there, he hides his mortality behind an ornate ivory mask. As age has begun to enervate him, his greed and lust for power has only increased. He has secretly made contact with the alchemists of Thuvia, in hopes of staving off his mortality. Should this information come to light, his entire kingdom might crumble around him.

Sources: Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting


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