I created this campaign page in order to allow you to read information on the world in which Pathfinder campaigns happen. I intend to put all information inside the wiki pages, from races and country information to descriptions of obscure rituals and unique monsters.

This is not a real campaign, but will serve as a source of information to get acquainted with Golarion and its history and many cultures.

My hope is, that through the knowledge of all of Golarion, players will be encouraged to choose different characters to play than they normally do, creating backgrounds fitting in the world.



PS: The Campaign Setting I am currently using was written in the 3.5 rules, before Paizo brought its improved Pathfinder rules into the mix. Soon (and with soon I mean not soon enough) a revised book will come out, using Pathfinder rules and adding additional information on the Inner Sea region. This book, the World Setting: Inner Sea will be the first of a series of World Setting books describing all of eight continents of Golarion and maybe even more… Do not fear, however; the information in this wiki will be kept up to date and is still accurate and actual.


Frakke Kenneth