Most of what is known about Vudra by the inhabitants of the Inner Sea comes from that distant land’s emissaries dwelling on the mysterious Isle of Jalmeray, off the east coast of Nex. For nearly 2,000 years, these explorers from a distant land have brought their unusual customs, culture, and mental and physical regimens to the folk of the Inner Sea, spreading tales of their homeland so outlandish as to be deemed impossible by even the most credulous audience. According to Jalmeri accounts, Vudra is composed of more than a hundred mahajanapadas, or semi-independent kingdoms ruled by rajahs in service of the maharajah. The emperor-like maharajah descends from the legendary Khiben-Sald, a godlike hero who united the kingdoms in antiquity and who even spent a decade as an honored guest of the Garundi wizard-king Nex.

The monk god Irori, Master of Masters, is but one of thousands of Vudrani gods. Together with powerful spirits known as devis, these beings form an immeasurably large pantheon of conflicting deities and philosophies that have guided the people of Vudra through the centuries. How many centuries remains a question, as the clerics of the Vudrani homeland claim a heroic dynasty of champions dating back more than 50,000 years, long before humans arose on Azlant and (conveniently) long before any intelligent race save perhaps the aboleths and dragons began recording history. Claims such as these earn the Vudrani of the Inner Sea a reputation for exaggeration and embellishment that, thanks to the charisma and good cheer of the Vudrani folk, often comes off as a curious affectation or endearing personality quirk than a true character flaw.

Vudra is a massive peninsula extending from southeastern Casmaron, with a total area spanning about half as large as Avistan. Ocean-going trade vessels from the Inner Sea sometimes travel the coastline of the Obari Ocean to put in at the exotic marketplaces of Vudra. The largest of that nation’s port cities often boast populations in the millions, and while the common man generally adorns himself in simple cotton garments and leads a modest lifestyle, the princes and governors of Vudra bedeck themselves in the finest raiments and display their status by wearing elaborate jewels and accessories of the best jade. The latter comes from cross-ocean trade with Tian Xia along Vudra’s treacherous eastern coast. Legendary adventuring sites in Vudra include the terraced tower of Hemachandra, Seat of the Golden Moon, said to boast a shrine to every Vudrani god (each with its own dedicated repository for priceless offerings); the jewel-laden haunted shadow-palace of Chhaya, a jungle princess beheaded by Khiben-Sald in ancient days as she unif ied the mahajanapadas; and the foresaken desert Narhari, wandering lands of Trilochan, the three-eyed dragon thought to be the wisest and wiliest of Rovagug’s children.

Sources: Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting


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