Most sorcerers attribute their magical prowess to a supernatural ancestor, such as a celestial, dragon, or fiend. A few have no special heritage, and might be the result of exposure to magical effects. Most sorcerers discover their powers during puberty, although some develop earlier, and a few later in life (the latter is more prevalent among those of common blood). Some scholars believe that sorcerers are becoming more numerous, though why this is and what it foretells is a matter of debate.

Sorcerers fill many of the same roles as other arcane casters, providing magical support to endeavors both civic and military. Some sorcerers act as advisers, but most prefer occupations that utilize their specialized magic or their forceful personalities. Sorcerers fit well in positions of authority, as they are naturally talented at persuasion: depending on their temperament they might use motivation or intimidation to get what they need from their followers, and back up their words with magic.

Most sorcerers prefer to be among people. Many are flamboyant with their magic and their dress, leaving no one in doubt of their puissance. Others are, if not humble, at least affable and convivial. A sorcerer who turns her powerful ego to intimidating and subjugating those around her is a terror to behold. A few sorcerers shun attention. In region where sorcery is mistrusted, their natural glibness allows them to deflect suspicion through disguise and deception.

Sorcerous ability among humanoids can usually be traced back to supernatural ancestry. Legends are filled with dalliances between outsiders and mortals: from angels who fall in love with mortals to devils who trade in favors of all kinds. Osirian elementalists trace their lineage back to genies both fair and foul. Dragons – the embodiement of strength and magic – are frequently known to consort with humanoids, and many sorcerers believe they have draconic blood. A few sorcerers exhibit traits reminiscent of aberrations or undead, although how such miscegenation could occur is a matter best left to scholars.

Favored Regions

Areas that have seen a great deal of magic over the years tend to produce more sorcerers than their neighbors. Many sorcerers from Geb allege descent from undead bloodlines, a claim rejected by many traditional scholars. Nieghboring Nex also has a large number of sorcerers. Many scholars believe the magic that decimated Nex now infects its people, other whisper that the lords of Nex have found a way to crate sorcerers by means of the fleshforges.

Varisia, once the center of a mighty magical empire, produce many sorcerers – especially among the Varisians – despite its sparse population. To the north, the Worldwound births more than just monsters, as sorcerous ability occurs with greater frequency among the refugees of Sarkoris, as well as those who defend its borders. The largest concentration of sorcerers is found on the Isle of Hermea; it is said that the draconic lord of the isle nurtures such abilities among its subjects.


Sorcerers who were marked with arcane power because of an arcane course often obtain familiars. Some however, have no link with a magical helper, but a reservoir of arcane power, locked within. They are able to use this to cast spells, but it strains their body and mind to its limits.

Sources: Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting


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