Sodden Lands

Sodden Lands – Hurricane-ravaged Wasteland

The Sodden Lands at a glance:
  • Alignment: CN
  • Capital: None
  • Notable Settlements: Hyrantam (1,340), Jula (200), Kokutang (2,100)
  • Ruler: None
  • Government: None
  • Languages: Polyglot, Common (Taldane)
  • Religion: Unknown

More than 100 years ago came the eye. In 4606, at the precise moment the god Aroden is thought to have died, the greatest hurricane Golarion has ever known suddenly formed in all its fury just off the west coast of the continent of Garund. Within days, the Eye of Abendego, as the hell-storm soon came to be named, had completely destroyed the coastline of the neighboring nations of Lirgen and Yamasa. From there, the pulsing flood waters pressed further and ever deeper inland, forcing a massive and unprecedented evacuation. Today, a century later, the Eye continues to howl, and that which remains of the nations it destroyed is known as the Sodden Lands, a perpetually storm-battered region, largely uninhabitable by the likes of man.


The Sodden Lands no longer possess large-scale unifying leadership. Instead, the tiny pockets of civilization that remain bow to their own rulers, typically a chieftain or a small despotic junta.

Because the Sodden Lands are almost entirely without law, they have the dubious honor of hosting the most savage pit fight in all of Golarion: Green Blood on a Black Rock. The event began as a Free Captain tradition where pirate vessels pitted their captured scrags against one another by depositing them on a huge spire of ash rock that juts from the water, with the surviving scrag earning the right to swim away to freedom. The betting sums exploded as the contest grew in popularity over time, and it didn’t take long for ships to start acquiring actual trolls for an edge. This was followed by an unstoppable half black dragon troll, which in turn was ultimately countered with an enslaved red reaver. Today, the tournament knows no limits to the types of beasts that are entered, with the only rule that each slave-monster stands alone.

As the Green Blood’s notoriety spread as far as Avistan, it became something of a guilty viewing pleasure for diviners and the few elite with the wealth to own a crystal ball or other scrying device. Some troubadours even make their living by bribing their way aboard a Free Captain’s ship attending the tournament. Afterward, these “blood-bards” earn coin traveling far and wide, recounting authentic tales of the current year’s blow-by-blow savagery.

Sources: Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting

Sodden Lands

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