Society in Nex centers around Quantium, as it has for countless centuries. The city attracts a wide assortment of inhabitants, from ambitious wizards seeking to perfect their craft in one of Quantium’s vaunted arcane universities to outsiders summoned to Golarion by long-dead mystics to merchants from Druma, Jalmeray, Vudra, and even Tian Xia. The city thrives upon its diversity of thought, trade, and influence and shows little tolerance for xenophobes. A creature considered a monster or worse in the ports of the Inner Sea is merely a citizen in Nex, where legend holds almost anything is possible.

Notable marvels of the capital include the Bandeshar, an architectural masterpiece that retains its glory despite millennia of magical disasters and political intrigue. The lower dungeons of the Bandeshar contain an entrance to the fabled Refuge of Nex, an unpredictable demiplane that offers escape without the opportunity of return. Thousands of explorers, refugees, and thieves have become trapped in the Refuge over the centuries, not the least of whom being Nex himself.

The central parade ground known as the Warlock’s Walk features numerous impressive sights. A massive, multi-sculptured marble fountain dominates the center of the vast public space, its living waters dancing to the delight of onlookers. Two immense iron golems, one of greenish hue and the other crimson, silently circle the perimeter as they have since Nex’s time. The stoic warriors, armed with sword and clad in archaic armor, halt for nothing as they march at opposite sides of their great circuit. Legend suggests they will animate to fight in the city’s defense in a time of great struggle, but since prophecies no longer hold the power they once did, expectations regarding the golems of Quantium are no longer certain.

Sources: Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting


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