Mordant Spire

At the far western tip of the Varisian archipelago exists a strange nation of masked gray elves known as the denizens of the Mordant Spire. Numbering in the low thousands, these gray elves are among the few fluent Azlanti speakers in the Inner Sea region. Mordant Spire elves adapted rapidly after their return to Golarion from Sovyrian – and then stopped. Upon their arrival in this remote locale, they quickly rebuilt their spire, adapted to life on the blue frontier, and have found little cause for change since. These strange-tongued gray elves live near the ruined remains of sunken Azlant at the westernmost point of Avistan, the last stopping point before the long trek to the storied lands of Arcadia. Though a mystical “elf gate” exist that connects the Mordant Spire and Kyonin, it’s unknown if it remains functional, as neither side has ever seemed particularly interested in activating it.

Most Inner Sea residents who come in contact with Mordant Spire elves find them unsettling – other elves included. The few adventurers who have spent time among them universally agree that they seem cold and alien. They are short and sharp with outsiders, and often act senselessly argumentative if the visitors deign to speak anything other that Azlanti. They are given to long pauses in mid-sentence and holding their heads at odd angles as though listening to far-off sounds. They rarely look at who they’re speaking to, even when talking to each other.

Living on the rocky beaches in the shadow of the spire or on floating platforms in the ocean, the gray elves spend their days fishing, diving, and tending kelp beds in shallow waters around the spire. Though not native water breathers, they are excellent divers, and use potions, magically-adapted creatures, and shape-changing talismans to survive underwater for hours at a time. Precisely what they dive for no one has been able to determine, although fantastic Azlanti artifacts sometimes turn up in gray elf hands, which they deem themselves guardians of.

Mordant Spire elves are ardent, vehement enemies of the aboleths. If gray elf stories are to be believed, aboleths are so thick on the floor of the Arcadian Ocean as to make a singular tenebrous mass in some places. The elves have several kinds of tentacular, seemingly half-alive weapons used specifically to kill aboleths. Great chiefs and warriors wear crystallized aboleth eye-lenses as grisly trophies on their foreheads or upper arms, magically treated to maintain their slimy, ichorous appearance (and according to some, their hypnotic powers as well). Many of these elves are known as Abolishers

The legendary skimmers of the Mordant Spire elves swoop over the water’s surface, faster than coursers but quieter than the waves they cut across, their sharply pointed keels barely dragging in the water. In fact, many have noted that the water seems to hold skimmers down rather than buoy them up, and it’s possible that the ships may be magical in nature, though no known outlander has ever studied one in depth.

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Mordant Spire

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