Mediogalti Island – Lair of the Red Mantis

Mediogalti at a glance:

Mediogalti is one of the hundreds of islands off the coast of Garund. It cannot be found on every map or nautical chart. Indeed, many charts disagree on its exact location. This is a purposeful bit of deception wrought by the members of the cabal of assassins known only as the Red Mantis. It is well known, if rumor and innuendo can be believed, that the Red Mantis use the island as their base of operations. Their Crimson Citadel is supposedly hidden deep in the island’s jungles.

For most ordinary folk, and even the brave members of most nations’ navies, that information is enough to keep them from searching for Mediogalti, let alone approaching its shores once found. But there are others who not only aren’t put off by the dangerous and evil nature of the place, but who find those qualities to be quite alluring. Pirates from all over the world’s oceans visit the port of Ilizmagorti when their ships sail into those waters. It is purported to be a haven for anyone brave enough to sail in, and clever or canny enough to survive the stay.

The rest of the island is covered in lush tropical jungles home to an unusually large number of reptilian creatures. Anyone brave enough to explore the jungles finds thriving tribes of kobolds and lizardfolk, not to mention an abundant population of various breeds of dinosaur, none of whom are well disposed toward mammalian trespassers.

Still, over the years, many pirates chose sites in the Mediogalti jungles to bury their treasure and their honored dead. They were, it appears, willing to trade the possible interference of the native creatures for the near assurance that other pirates, authorities, and treasure seekers are not foolish enough to search blindly through this part of the world. Harbor taverns around the Inner Sea are abuzz with rumors of the gold, jewels, and other bounty stashed on Mediogalti — and the ghosts of those who died placing it there.

There are an unknown number of crypts and caverns dotting the jungles of Mediogalti. The bravest (or vilest) pirate captains use this unforgiving land to safeguard their bounty, but many of them never return to collect their treasures. The most notable of these hidden structures is the Crypt of Angus Amberleg.

Angus Amberleg was a dwarf pirate who sailed the Inner Sea 300 years ago. His marauding is still legendary among sailors, having sunk and plundered no fewer than a hundred ships, including a pair of Taldoran corvettes. His treasure is said to contain artifacts from ages past, as well as jewels the size of an ogre’s fist. Rumor says the treasure lies in a stone crypt beneath the Mediogaltian jungle, built by slaves from the pirate’s own galley who were then buried alive on the site upon its completion. Those few explorers who survived the foolhardy search for the crypt report the site is guarded by the ghosts of those slaves, not to mention the undead pirate captain himself.


Everything and everyone on Mediogalti fall under the jurisdiction of the Red Mantis Assassins and so are ultimately ruled by the decisions of the Vernai (a ruling council of senior members) and the Blood Mistress. Only members of that elite organization can even hope for the chance of contacting them directly. The only other figure of authority on the island is the mysterious Mayor of Ilizmagorti. No one knows the mayor’s name, nor even if the mayor is a man or woman — or even human. Every citizen of Ilizmagorti knows where to find the mayor, though: in a lonely room atop the never-used lighthouse that stands overlooking the port.

Anyone with a complaint, question, or request for the mayor need simply go to the lighthouse and wait in whatever line is there. Every person in line is eventually admitted to an audience, regardless of time. All audiences are one-on-one, with no exceptions, and no audience lasts for more than 30 minutes. Rumors circulate that those who gained multiple audiences report that the mayor wears a different visage every time. One visit might be with a wizened old man, the next with a fiery and alluring woman, and a third with a boy not old enough to grow a full beard. The rumors also state that, whatever the mayor looks like, the mayor always has full recall of any previous conversations, promises, and commitments.

Sources: Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting


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