Glorious Golden Katheer, the city of 10 million smells and a thousand, thousand caravans, is a place like no other, full of every spice, every race, and every magic, and home to the largest population of camels beyond the Kelesh homelands to the east. The palace of Xerbystes II stands here, as do dozens of academies of mathematics, philosophy, and learning. In the schools and bazaars, the activity is great and many foreign scholars frequent Katheer’s libraries. The busiest places of all, though, are the port and the camel pens. Ships sail to Quantium, Katapesh, and Absalom daily. These include dhows across the ocean and a small number of enchanted sandships — able to sail above the dunes and powered by elemental winds — across the desert sands.

Dozens of schools contend in Katheer for students. The greatest of Katheer’s colleges is the Venicaan College of Medicaments and Chirurgery. Founded in ages past, the healers from Venicaan’s halls are one of the hidden advantages that Qadira holds over Taldor, where the healing arts are much less advanced. Both magic and herbalism are combined here in vast halls to save the lives of soldiers, where they rest only so long as needed until they can fight once more. The more recent accomplishments in this line are related to the healing of camels and horses, a specialty always in demand, either by caravan-masters or by cavalrymen.

Within the palace, a hundred princes and princesses contend for the favor of the satrap, for he alone grants the commissions for the most valuable caravans back to the imperial heartland: salt, spice, silk, heatstones, and a dozen more goods besides. The wealth and strangeness of the place sometimes overwhelm visitors, but the Keleshites laugh: “This city is a pigsty compared to the Empire’s heart!” Perhaps mere modesty, but the empire has many Satrapies, and Qadira is by no means the largest.

Sources: Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting


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