The only real settlement on Mediogalti is the port town of Ilizmagorti. Known as the Scum Tide City, Ilizmagorti is a wild, unpredictable place that is more a pirate stronghold than a true city. The town was originally founded as a place for members of the Red Mantis assassins cult to meet with potential clients and from which to launch their missions. Thanks to the fact that it brooks no interference from the authorities of any sovereign country, Ilizmagorti’s deep-water lagoon soon drew the attention of pirate crews from across the Inland Sea. They now flock there to restock their supplies, effect repairs to their ships, and enjoy the hospitality to be found in the city’s taverns, inns, and bordellos.

Despite Ilizmagorti’s popularity among pirates, no captain can claim control of the city, as all of the local businesses and citizens belong to the Red Mantis. No known way exists of telling which of the barkeeps and serving wenches are, in truth, low-ranking members of the organization and which are highly skilled assassins. Thus, buccaneers and cutthroats who swarm the city are careful to only mistreat one another, never the citizens, property, or other visitors to Ilizmagorti.

In a city like Ilizmagorti, one that sees so many violent and short-tempered visitors, it is a fairly common occurrence that insults are traded and offense taken by either or both parties involved. These disagreements cannot be settled in the usual way, since violence in the city is greatly discouraged, so duelers developed alternative forms of competition. People with arguments, personal quarrels, or even who merely want to prove for ego’s sake which one is the “better man” generally use one of the following methods.

Horrible Haze: For questions of pure bravery, rivals often participate in a deadly game of endurance. They sit with their faces directly over a censer that contains burning itch weed (a plant native to the island that, as its name implies, causes severe itching). The one who remains in the hazy smoke longest wins, although it might take days or even weeks before that person recovers enough to celebrate the victory.

King of the Bay: This contest is favored by rivals attempting to settle a matter relating to strength or toughness. On the main pier there is an anchor fitted with seven hand clasps. Contestants each grab a clasp and then the anchor is pushed off the pier into the deep water of the bay. The contestants vie to see who can hold their breath longest and still make it back to the surface alive and conscious.

Ring the Town Bell: On the edge of town, where the jungle constantly threatens to reclaim the ramshackle buildings, stands a tall palm tree with a bell strapped among the fronds. This bell used to be used to warn of approaching navy ships, back before the navies of the world came to fear these waters. Now it is used as a contest of speed and nimbleness. The two contestants begin at the port and race through the streets to the tree. The first one who climbs the tree and rings the bell is declared the victor.

Sources: Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting


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