Gorum – Our Lord In Iron

God of strength, battle, and weapons Alignment: CN Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Glory, Strength, War Favored Weapon: Greatsword Centers of Worship: Brevoy, Lastwall, Lands of the Linnorm Kings, Realm of the Mammoth Lords, Nirmathas, Numeria, River Kingdoms Nationality: Kellid

Gorum’s clerics say that the Lord in Iron was forged in the first great battle between orcs and humans. When the dust from the conflict finally settled, all that was left was one suit of iron armor. From that day forward, dying warriors and victorious knights sometimes swear they see Gorum delivering their deathblow or charging alongside them. Warriors from across Avistan and beyond call out to Gorum to strengthen their blades and aid them in upcoming battles. This sometimes leads to both sides of a conflict carrying the standard of Gorum, but the Lord in Iron favors the battle itself more than either side. The Lord in Iron commonly appears as a suit of terrible spiked plate mail armor possessing a pair of fiery red eyes, with no flesh visible. His followers believe that when there are no more battles to fight, Gorum will collapse and rust away, having lost all will to continue. His faith is strongest among warrior cultures and “barbaric” folk, as he has little use for anyone unwilling or unable to take up arms for battle.

In battle and ceremony, his priests wear heavy armor modeled after their god, although the armor is always functional. Followers claim that the spirit of Gorum lives in all iron, be it armor or a weapon, and they take great care to polish and maintain the artifacts of war for fear of offending their deity. His temples are more akin to fortresses than places of worship, made to withstand any assault and stockpiled with armor, weapons, and preserved rations. He has no sacred text, but a collection of seven heroic poems called the Gorumskagat explains the church’s creed.

Traditionally, Gorum (and by extension, his priests and followers) has little interest in the affairs of other gods. If they oppose him directly, he’ll fight them — otherwise, their affairs and politics are wastes of time. Gorum is a headstrong and impatiant deity, prone to impulsive and emotional outbursts. His first reaction to an unexpected situation is typically violence, and when he sees something he likes, he takes it. His priests often emulate these traits, and as a result, there are far more evil followers of Gorum than good.

Gorum shows his favor in iron weapons or armor that shed blood and filth when touched. His anger most often manifests in sudden patches of rust, often enough to completely ruin an item.

Sources: Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Guide


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