Fierani Forest

This woodland once covered most of the region now known as southern Avistan. The forest that remains is ancient, with tall, strong, thick-canopied trees. Wildlife is everywhere, and fey occupy unexpected niches. The Fierani is not entirely and expanse of trees. Large clearings and glens break up the wood, but settlements and communities rarely do – villages and towns tend to be built straight into the surrounding forest, becoming landscape instead of replacing it. Fierani Flora

The Fierani forest is known to outsiders for its wild flora. Outsiders often risk elven wrath to cultivate any of these plants, selling them for high prices to herbalists all around Golarion.

Curewort: The dried curewort root heals wounds when chewed upon. A single plant is enough to cultivate two to three doses.

Seerbloom: The roots of this beautiful flower have a psychotropic effect that is known by drug users, but also allow spellcasters to double the duration of any low-level divination spell when ingested. A single root allows for one to three doses.

Sootheweed: Crushed leaves of this seemingly mundane weed can be burnt in the vicinity of an animal or magical beast with animal intelligence. When smelling the scent of this root, they become docile, allowing elves (or other races) to influence them more easily. One dose can be retrieved from a square yard of these plants.

Tintalviel: This strong seed reacts to the user’s physical state. If crushed into a target’s face, the sickly-sweet smell causes the target to become nauseated for a small time. However, when he is already nauseated, the smell alleviates this nausea immediately. Pregnant women suffering from morning sickness drink tea from this seed. A spoonful of seeds are enough to brew 1 to 3 tea cups, depending on the severity of symptoms. A tintalviel plant blooms only once or twice a year, with only a few seed casings produces per cycle.

Sources: Pathfinder Companion Elves of Golarion

Fierani Forest

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