Wherever there are wild place in Golarion, there are druids – those who can call upon the magic of nature itself and use it to make the world a safe place for all creatures, not just those who build cities and dam rivers. Frequently dismissed as nature-loving pacifists, druids run the gamut of philosophies, from the gentle envoys of the Wildwood Lodge to the violent shapeshifters of Tanglebriar who reflect nature’s most brutal aspects.

Although it might be rumored otherwise, druids are scarce in Golarion. Those who exist feel little compulsion to interfere in the ways of civilized beings – or even in the affairs of their won order. Every druid believes that nature has a way of sorting itself out, and to interfere is to question the Will of the World – wisdom that was ancient long before humanoids came to the faith.

The most notable exception are the druids of the Wildwood Lodge, who hold court on the Isle of Arenway for the benefit of those who seek the counsel of nature or who merely wish to travel the Sellen river in peace and safety. Here also meets the Moot of Ages, when druids from across Avistan and Garund – and some points beyond – gather during the summer solstice to bring their discoveries and concerns before the entire druidic community. Their findings are not so much decision of logic and dogma to be enforced, but rather interpretation, of the Will of the World, and how they can best serve it.

Most druids prefer clothing and weapons made by their own hands: rough-spun tunics of wool and plant fibers, leather pants and boots, and wooden weapons. When their specific missions require it, they might carry some few metal weapons and gear, but they keep to the natural ways whenever possible.

Favored Regions

Unlike many occupations, druids are not limited to specific locations, but rather are found wherever there is nature. Sandstriders guard the deserts of Thuvia and the dwarven Snowbeard Clans wander the brutally cold wastes of the Crown of the World. Druids even watch over cities, and where they dwell often defines their outlook. The Streetlings of Magnimar most often seek and equilibrium between humanoids and nature, while the shamans of the Mwangi Expanse believe that killing an animal for sports is a capital crime – and the Stonewardens of the Barrier Wall actively drive off miners and destroy their camps. Woodland druids – possibly the most common type – serve the Green Faith and protect their plant-filed homes from despoilers and the lumberjack’s axe whenever possible.

Where druids are rarest, though perhaps most needed, are places where nature has become twisted: the Worldwound, the Mana Wastes between Geb and Nex, Tanglebriar, and the Sodden Lands. It is only the most powerful druids – and most foolish – who venture into such places in attempts to set matters aright.


While it is widespread that druids can move freely through the forests and woodlands of Golarion, those that are born among the mountains have different abilities. These druids have as much trouble going through a forest as anyone else, but they can walk and run freely and unhindered between the rocks and crags of the mountains of the world.

Sources: Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting


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