Crimson Citadel

Although Ilizmagorti is the only settlement on Mediogalti island, there is one other enclave on Mediogalti — the Crimson Citadel, headquarters of the Red Mantis. Only members of the sect know exactly where the fortress is, although foolish explorers of the island occasionally catch glimpses of it atop a jungle hill a few miles inland from the city of Ilizmagorti. Stories about the site constantly flow from the island’s heart, like the waterfall of fresh blood supposedly found in the heart of the Crimson Citadel.

If the most common rumors are to be believed, the Crimson Citadel has dozens of floors whose halls and rooms are filled with deadly traps. The lower levels, training grounds for Red Mantis assassins — filled with lethal snares, venomous beasts, and fiends from the Outer Planes — are often called Ruvari (or the Ruby Halls) because their walls and floors are purportedly stained red with the blood spilled there. The central levels, called Sivlamlik (the Honeyed Gardens), are supposedly a series of pleasure gardens filled with a near-endless variety of foods, narcotics, and pleasures of the flesh for the cult’s assassins to use to refresh their bodies and spirits after successful assignments. The citadel’s spires, called Odalis (the Lavish Heart), serve as homes for the elite members of the Red Mantis, including the Blood Mistress and all members of the Vernai.

Hidden somewhere on the grounds is Faynas (the Iron Heart), a sanctum available only to the Blood Mistress, that houses the Sarzari Library, said to be among the largest and most complete collection of ancient knowledge anywhere.

Sources: Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting

Crimson Citadel

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