Calistria – The Savored Sting

Goddess of trickery, lust, and revenge Alignment: CN Domains: Chaos, Charm, Knowledge, Luck, Trickery Favored Weapon: Whip Centers of Worship: Absalom, Galt, Kyonin, Nex, River Kingdoms, Shackles, Taldor, Varisia Nationality: Elf

Although the elves worship a great many deities, they hold none so highly as Calistria. The Savored Sting speaks to the mercurial, detached nature that makes elves elves. Some favor her as a trickster goddess, while others appreciate her lustful, audacious spirit. Ever scheming and planning her next conquest, Calistria is always maneuvering to a more advantageous position. Spies, prostitutes, and thrillseekers are often followers of Calistria. Scarce races such as half-elves and tieflings are attracted to the faith, seeing their “exotic” appearance as an advantage in a society where they stand out as different. Iconography of the faith depicts her as the ideal of elven beauty, dressed in revealing gowns with long graceful ears, slender limbs, and a suggestive smile playing across her lips. Giant wasps, her favored creatures, commonly appear beside her; unlike bees, wasps can sting again and again without dying — which represents Calistria’s vindictiveness.

In human lands, temples of Calistria often host a lively community of sacred prostitutes, each with his or her own contacts in the community. The resulting hotbed of gossip, double-dealing, and opportunities for revenge assure the cult’s growing popularity. In elven lands, her temples are more like thieves’ guilds, catering to suspicious lovers seeking evidence, wealthy folk wishing to escalate feuds, and only tertially a place for carnal release. Formal clothing is very scant, typically yellow silk that covers little and conceals even less, often augmented with henna dyes on the palms of the hands and in narrow bands on the arms. Her holy text is The Book of Joy, a guide to many passions.

Calistria’s promiscuity is well documented in many religious texts (including her own), but often these accounts seem to be at odds, indicating that some of her supposed trysts may be little more than wishful thinking on the parts of other gods and goddesses. Some tales preach that Cayden Cailean got drunk and took the Test of the Starstone after Calistria rebuffed his advances, claiming that no mortal could enjoy her charms and survive.

Calistria shows her favor among the faithful with sudden runs of luck among attempts to find companionship, while those who displease her often find themselves plagued by wasps with an unerring ability to sting in sensitive places.

Sources: Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Guide


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