Brightness Seekers


Revered as seers, able to channel memories and even physical features of prior incarnations as people and animals, Brightness Seekers devote themselves to the pursuit of enlightenment. During their uniquely personal journeys, they learn how to interpret signs and portents that allow them to make uncannily accurate predictions about possible actions for themselves and others. Over time, as they forge an even deeper connection with their past lives and approach an ultimate state of oneness with the world around them, they develop the ability to harness the power and forms of many different animals. Eventually, Brightness Seekers gain the power to shrug off death itself and to reincarnate themselves with their memories intact.

The elves that take up this path have a strong force of will and have prepared for the journey by training basic skills. As they progress in this class, they learn how to channel past lives and how to see into the near future as well. They become respected members of elven society. In the end they gain the ability to reincarnate after dying without need of divine magic. Their very presence soothes their allies and animals beckon their calls.

Sources: Pathfinder Companion Elves of Golarion

Brightness Seekers

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