The abolisher is a devoted servant of the natural world. She is an elven crusader against that which taints, usurps, and replaces the ordered nature of things with alien desires and monstrous needs. She opposes aberrations with all her will and might in a constant battle to preserve what is pure in nature from that which lurks beyond the rim of sanity.

Abolishers are elves, typically gray elves, that work at the Mordant Spire, watching the sea for signs of aboleths or other aberrations, safeguarding the world against their alien influence. Most are rangers or druids that are outsiders in elven society due to a tendency to lawful behavior. All of them know their way in the wild.

Abolishers are all trained to focus their attacks against aberrations knowing the various types and learning their weak spots. They are able shape shifters and usually train animals to aid them in their fights, favoring aquatic animals or birds for scouting. Experienced abolishers learn how to produce nature’s essence as attacks against aberrations and gain crystalline claws in wild shape that slice through alien monsters with ease.

Sources: Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting, Lords of Madness

Sources: Lords of Madness


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