Abadar – Master of the First Vault

God of cities, wealth, merchants, and law Alignment: LN Domains: Earth, Law, Nobility, Protection, Travel Favored Weapon: Light crossbow Centers of Worship: Absalom, Andoran, Brevoy, Cheliax, Katapesh, Molthune, Nex, Sargava, Taldor, Varisia Nationality: Taldan

Abadar dwells in the perfect city of Aktun, where he watches over the First Vault. Its vast halls hold a perfect copy of every object ever made, from the flawless longsword to the faultless law. Abadar is a patient, calculating, and far-seeing deity who wishes to bring civilization to the frontiers, order to the wilds, and wealth to all who support the progression of law. His primary worshipers are judges, merchants, lawyers, and aristocrats, all of whom benefit from established laws and commerce. Those who are poor or who have been wronged also worship him, hoping he helps to reverse their ill fortune, for most mortals seek wealth and the happiness it brings. He expects his followers to abide by the laws (although not foolish, contradictory, toothless, or purposeless laws) and work to promote order and peace. Abadar is shown as a clean, welldressed man bearing the markings of riches and civilization. From his gold breastplate to his richly embroidered cloak, everything about him is refined and cultured, and he always carries an ornate gold key.

Clerics of Abadar are an organized lot, spending much of their time helping the community thrive and grow. They care less about morals and more about helping the culture itself to continue expanding. Despite this, their efforts generally trend toward the advancement of all, such as taming the wilderness, passing laws, and eliminating disease — as all of these are helpful toward the growth of civilization. Formal garb for religious ceremonies includes white silk cloth trimmed with gold thread, a belt or necklace of gold links bearing a golden key, and a half-cloak of deep yellow or golden color. Temples are elaborate buildings with rich decorations and high, thick, stained-glass windows. These windows have small frames (to restrict access from thieves) and usually feature vivid yellow glass that casts a golden hue on everything within the church.

Their holy book is Abadar’s Order of Numbers. Abadar is sometimes viewed as a father figure, particularly to other Taldan deities like Shelyn and Zon Kuthon (although Zon-Kuthon no longer exhibits his true Taldan traits). He makes his will known to the faithful via sudden windfalls of cash, while those who have angered him find the opposite to be true — sudden mounting expenses leading to destitution.

Sources: Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Guide


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